• Project Initiation

    The project team is initiating the site surveying and existing conditions work that will serve as the basis for the design alternatives and the Environmental Impact Report.

  • Community Engagement and Input

    Following the existing conditions phase, the community engagement phase will take place and provide opportunities for neighbors and members of the wider community to learn more about the project and provide comments regarding potential design solutions.

  • Design Alternatives Evaluation

    Following the community engagement period, a set of design alternatives will be presented to the Town Council for review and selection of a preferred alternative. Following the Council’s direction and comment, the project team will develop a preferred alternative and initiate the environmental review process.

  • Final Design: Environmental Review

    During the summer months, the project team will be completing the environmental documentation, including a public review process.

  • Design Adoption

    The Town Council will act on the environmental documentation, which is anticipated to be a Mitigated Negative Declaration.